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Shortcut to restart firefox quantum

First off if you’re a developer and not using i3wm you should really think about giving it a try, it’s like vim for the desktop. It’s a tiled window manager, but you don’t need to use the tiles, I prefer tabbed layout actually, but the brilliance is things like pressing Shift + mod (window key) + # will move an app to the workspace or window with that number easily. mod + right moves to the next tab over, Shift + mod + right moves the current window to the tab to the right, etc…

However, the BIGGEST feature is the ease of creating tons of customized scenarios for instance I have a custom hotkey in my i3 config that opens firefox, Hubstaff (time tracker), Wavebox (multi-slack app), and Thunderbird from one hotkey that I just use on restarting. You can even have windows and programs load automagically on reboot as well.

One thing I noticed with Firefox using 58 beta is that if I go away for awhile and come back after my pc has been sleeping I’ll sometimes have js popup warnings and my whole computer is basically frozen but not completely frozen. To deal with this at first I created a bash script:

function nt {
ps -ef | grep "$@" | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs -r kill -9

Add this to ~/.bash_aliases and then nt firefox will basically force kill anything with firefox in the name, useful when you know what script to kill and you have access to shell. However, sometimes you don’t really have access to shell, or the computer is so bogged down it won’t let you switch windows or type very easily. So I moved this into my i3 config file as such:

bindsym $mod+Shift+f exec --no-startup-id "ps -ef | grep firefox | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs -r kill -9 && firefox-beta"

That line is firefox specific and it also restarts firefox-beta, you can edit it however you like if you don’t want to restart just remove that part. 99% of the time firefox is the problem, and the only reason I don’t switch back to chrome is that I have tons of nginx sites using .dev and they fucked everything up by forcing https on .dev and I don’t want to rewrite all my server configs.

So fuck google chrome, I’ll use Firefox. I also prefer sidebar tabs vs horizontal just personal preference I’m hoping performance issues improve with firefox, but till then I got it covered.