Cliffnotes version : Monkey gets rewarded for playing video game and hitting targets with controller. Switch to brain interface with robotic arm and he continues to be rewarded – interestingly the 3rd arm is like he really has a 3rd arm, he can now scratch with one arm, eat a banana with another, while using his 3rd arm to hit the target.

Fast forward almost 10 years and the monkey can now control a robot all the way across the planet in Japan. Most importantly the time it takes for the signal to travel from his brain to the robot is 20 milliseconds LESS than it takes to control his REAL body/legs.

Potential uses: The main goal of this project is to give arms and legs back spinal cord injury patients. Other uses though I’m sure will include military (think of an army of robotic avatars that cannot die!), gaming – imagine controlling the characters in Halo using your mind.

Personally, I see stuff like this, and I think I’ve somehow woken up on Star Trek, minus the warp-drive of course (sad, that this will probably not be realized in my life-time, if ever).

Here’s a video presentation that’s pretty awesome:

Source: VentureBeat